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"I don’t have to give up celebrating with food, I’ve just learned to do it in a healthier way."

"Since losing 65lbs we went down east. I walked the Cabot Trail. Over the 8 kilometers I didn't have to slow down or break my pace at all, just hiking up, hiking down. I only stopped to take wasn't a struggle at all!"

"I knew this was the answer I needed so my mother didn't have to worry about me anymore."

Dr. Paul Wilson shares his experience of losing 185 lbs. on the Ideal Protein Protocol and how even as a physician, he learned a lot of important lessons about how to lose fat and keep it off. Discover Dr. Wilson’s Amazing Transformation and what he means when he says, “work with your body not against it. It’s straight physiology.”

"I was living but I wasn't alive."

Josh Kohl describes his on-going weight loss journey with Ideal Protein and how losing over 300 pounds so far has led to a renewed dedication to healthier eating and lifestyle. Discover Josh Kohl's Amazing Transformation and why he says "I was living but, I wasn't alive".

"The results were immediate."

Make healthier choices that positively impact your well-being! At an average of $15.00 a day, the Ideal Protein protocol is budget friendly and does not seriously impact your current spending or routine.

"I knew I was worth it!"

Ideal Protein is a program that makes sense and encourages individuals to adjust their habits to improve their lives. Follow Sarah Mulero's experience with weight gain and how Ideal Protein has impacted her life for the better.

"If I didn't lose the weight, I wouldn't be here."

After losing 216 pounds on the Ideal Protein Protocol single parent Chad Lucas is teaching his children how to eat smarter and develop the habits for a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Barbie lost: 51.8 lbs

2.75 lbs off her arms
9.5 lbs off her waist
7.5 lbs off her hips
4.75 lbs off her thighs

Her body fat was at 44.2 and now it is at 29.5!
Joining Ideal Protein was one of the greatest gifts I could give myself and my family. Dropping these 50+pounds has made me a better version of myself -totally life changing!
This protocol is perfect for busy working moms like us! The weight loss is a given, but I didn’t think about all the energy I would have and I feel so good about myself.

Before she knew it, Pam lost: 71.7 lbs

2.25 lbs off her arms
11 lbs off her waist
8 lbs off her hips
8.75 lbs off her thighs

Her body fat was at 49.2 and now it is at 34!

“I have tried other diets that didn’t work for me but I have been successful with Ideal Protein. I have a few more pounds to lose but am motivated to keep going and I feel good!”

After just 9 months, Robin lost: 76.4 lbs

48 inches
16% Body Fat

Here’s what Robin had to say:
“It really works” and “I feel and look 10 years younger.”