Dieting As An Adventure

“Attitude is the difference between Ordeal and Adventure.”


What a great quote! And so relevant to dieting.

If you think dieting is an ordeal, it will be difficult, unpleasant, something to be endured. Obstacles will feel insurmountable. If you think of dieting as an adventure, you can be excited to challenge yourself and overcome obstacles as you journey towards your goal.

It’s all a matter of attitude. You can’t change the fact that you need to lose 50lbs to have a surgery, or that you have gone from a size 6 to a size 16. But you absolutely can change how you choose to react to these facts and circumstances. If you have the right attitude you can enjoy the adventure.

When something happens to you, you get to choose whether it’s positive or negative. Say you lose your job: you can choose self-doubt and resentment, or you can choose to see an opportunity to grow. Maybe the job was stifling and you needed to make a change. This is just the break you need. See what I mean.   If you gained 20 pounds this year, maybe this is the signal that it’s time to take better care of yourself.

In the same vein, you choose whether your diet is an ordeal or an adventure.

An adventure is an exciting ride full of risks, bold actions, set-backs, and victories. If your diet is an adventure, temptations become challenges and you can take pleasure in beating them. You are a superhero vanquishing the evil cupcake, or you use “the force” to fight the dark side of overeating. Okay, I may be going a bit overboard, but you get the idea.

So choose to have an adventure, not an ordeal. It’s just a matter of attitude.

Please share how you have turned your dieting into an adventure in the comments below.

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