Fitness Trackers

Live a healthy life in a body you love!

You all know how important I think fitness and activity are in maintaining healthy weight. It is amusing to me that traditional thought says that the reason we have the current obesity epidemic is because we don’t get enough exercise – I don’t necessarily disagree; sitting all day is NOT good for a lot of reasons. It’s just that the notion that 1 hour at the gym will make up for sitting for 10 hours all day is simply not true.

After all, in the early 1900’s, when the prevalence of obesity was less than 5%, exercise was considered dangerous! The difference, though, was that folks back then DID move around all day long!! So …. GET MOVING with me!

Make the choice to take the stairs, park your car as far away as possible from the grocery store, make your dog happy by walking one extra block and get in a few more sniffs, get up from your desk a few times a day and take a 10 minute walk break, walk around the house during commercial breaks while watching your favorite program.

Challenge yourself and let’s start a MOVEMENT to get moving.

AND… to help keep us motivated and accountable I am excited to announce that InBody, Inc.— the developer of our amazing scale and body comp machine has just released an InBody Activity tracker. This tracker is the only device on the market that tracks not only steps, workouts, and sleep, but also tracks your heart rate and …. wait for it …. tracks your body fat percentage complete with muscle mass, fat mass and hydration measurements!!

If you would like to purchase an InBody tracker at a discounted price, please contact us at

Dr. Dolores Zumbado
National Business Advisor for Ideal Protein of America