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Empowering You to Achieve Healthy Lifestyle Goals

The Ideal Protein Method is a medically designed and clinically monitored protocol that is calibrated to encourage your body to burn fat. I often pose this question to dieters: Do you want to lose weight or do you want to lose fat? The answer is obvious, of course – FAT is what we want to lose! What most fail to realize is that the typical restricted calorie, balanced diet causes loss of muscle mass – the very thing we need to maintain a healthy frame AND a healthy weight. I often say: The body is not really designed to lose weight, BUT, it is designed to burn FAT – only under very specific circumstances. The science behind this method approximates (safely and comfortably) a way of eating that enables the body to do what it is genetically designed to resist – that is: to burn fat. When doing this protocol correctly, you will feel energized, you will not be hungry and you will minimize muscle wasting.

Because this is a partial meal replacement protocol, you will be eating 2 meals and 1 snack per day (replacement meals) plus a dinner meal consisting of a regular lean protein and vegetable meal. The meals work out to be about $4.30 per meal. There are also required supplements and supplies that range from $80 for a six week supply and there is an administrative fee from $155 – $255. The administrative fee covers all of your weekly visits, online video support, and weekly monitoring of weight, lean mass, hydration and body fat percentage.

You will be eating 4 times per day. Our Method is meal replacement for breakfast, lunch and an evening snack – the dinner meal (which can be eaten at home or in a restaurant) consists of a lean protein, select vegetables and salad. The high quality protein foods provided by our clinic, will serve as the centerpiece of your meals. There are over 60 gourmet flavors ranging, literally, from “Soup to Nuts” – we have soups, puddings, omelets, cookies, muffins, chips, chili, spaghetti, shakes, bars … oh, and soy nuts, to name a few!

This is a common question. The reality is that we ALL know that we cannot go back to the way we used to eat and expect to remain thin.  After all, bad eating habits and our attitudes surrounding food are the reasons we got here in the first place. On the other hand, losing weight need not be an arduous-on-the-brink-of-impossible feat! There is no guarantee of “thin-forever” with any weight loss program. As the developer of this protocol says: “There is no vaccine against obesity” (oh, I only wish)! SO, HERE IT IS:  If you are ready to change your life. If you subscribe to, and participate in ALL the educational opportunities we provide, you will have a great chance of making changes that are permanent.  Many of our members have. We will provide tools for weight management THAT WORK, inspiration and tips on a regular and ongoing basis to keep you focused, AND provide the education about how the body burns fuel and maintains a healthy weight so that you will have the tools for keeping it off.

Let’s face it: if you have a weight loss program that produces results EVERY week, if the food is not just palatable, but tasty, and if you feel great while you are doing it, there are a lot of reasons to stick with the program and plenty to learn that will assist you in managing a healthy weight for life. Losing weight is twofold – first you have to lose it and secondly, you have to maintain the loss. Both are hard to do, but, the general consensus is that keeping the weight off is the most difficult. I contend that most weight loss programs are destined to fail in the long run because the premise for weight loss (just eat less) is ill-conceived and goes against the way the body is designed. My personal struggle with weight was predated by copious amounts of research and study followed (as I got older) by the sinking feeling that everything I knew to be true (everything that I read and studied about ‘why we are fat and how to get thin’) simply was NOT working. I personally believe that what we are teaching our patients, in this regard, is WRONG. If losing and maintaining a healthy weight is as simple as “calories in – calories out” (eat less, exercise more) we would not have the obesity explosion that we now have – it has reached epidemic proportions, with no slowdown in sight!

First, spend some time with me – A requirement at our clinics is to attend one of our Phase 1 Introductory workshops which I personally conduct.

While we can tell you what to eat and what not to eat, studies show that if you don’t understand the “Whys?” behind what you’re doing, you will be less successful. Additionally, by attending you will have an opportunity to sample some of the food AND, by attending, you will receive a reduction on the administrative costs of the program should you decide to enroll. The workshops are held every Wednesday evening at 6:30. Please register here or call 301.977.9434 to reserve a spot. The address is
9841 Washingtonian Blvd #200,
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Please know – there is never a charge for the workshop and there is never an obligation or any pressure employed to entice or persuade. Whether this program is right for you, only you can decide. My commitment is that, whether you decide to join us or not, you will learn something for the time you spend!

Yes – it is a prerequisite for starting the protocol. Your success in this program is predicated upon understanding what is happening in the body as you shed fat. That’s the short answer – there’s more. Keeping in mind that the longest phase of any diet is the maintenance phase, the education that you receive in this workshop is what will start your journey in maintaining a healthy weight for life. The overwhelming feedback that we receive from attendees is “that just makes so much sense.” It will not be the weight loss “products” in America that fix the problem of obesity – there are a lot of “products,” right? The tide of obesity will only turn when access to relevant, scientific health information is provided in an understandable way. That’s our workshop, that’s why we require it, and that’s why it’s free!

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23jan6:30 pm8:00 pmFree Educational Seminar6:30 pm - 8:00 pm EST Dr. Zumbado, 9841 Washingtonian Blvd #200,
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