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We host regular seminars & events including Educational Seminars and Stabilization Seminars. Drop just 10% of your body weight and improve your health, lifestyle and mindset.

To ensure your success in the protocol, your coach will help guide you when you are ready to move into phase 2.

Attend a Stabilization Seminar to earn how to transition into phase 2 to maintain your weight loss.

To sign up, please click on a date that works for you or call/text 301-977-9434.

All seminars are held at Dr. Z’s Lifestyle Community located at:
60 Market Street Suite #217
Gaithersburg, MD 20878.

Educational Seminars

Congratulations on taking the important first step in your wellness journey by learning how to join the Dr. Z Lifestyle Community.  Get in the best shape of your life!

The next step is to attend a FREE Educational Seminar held every Wednesday at 6:30 pm. You will sample some of the delicious Ideal Protein food, hear success stories, and meet coaches who will be guiding you on your journey to a healthier YOU!

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Stabilization Seminar

Attend a FREE Stabilization Seminar because now is the perfect time to think about maintenance.  

What to expect in Phase 2 of the Ideal Protein Protocol:

  • Awareness that following weight loss, the body fights to regain lost weight
  • Understanding the “energy gap”, where more calories are desired than required, makes weight loss difficult to manage and maintain.
  • Learning to narrow this gap by adjusting the intake of protein/fat/carbs to effectively manage hunger, promote greater satiety, and maintain weight loss.
  • Scheduling weekly follow-up sessions to monitor carbohydrate reintroduction and track weight.

It is important to schedule two appointments with your coach to review the next steps: Step-Down week and Stabilization.

What to Expect in Step-Down Week (appointment #1):

  • Transition from 3 IP foods per day to 2 IP foods per day
  • Gather information to help you and your coach plan for Stabilization
  • Record your meals in a Food Record

What to Expect in Stabilization On-boarding (appointment #2 — 45 minutes):

  • Introducing you to the Macro Servings Sheet and how to use it
  • Determining your customized macro targets
  • Building off of what you record in your food record (Step-Down week), you and your coach will incorporate your daily macro servings (protein, healthy fats, complex carbs) into your existing Step-Down Food Record. Together, you will create as many daily meal plans as time permits

This marks the beginning of stabilization in which the goal is to set you up for success in maintenance.

Call your coach today to schedule a phase 2 appointment: 301.977.9434.

Thank you for being a part of our amazing community!

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