May is National Salad Month!

I recently heard a dieter say, “I can’t wait to finish the program… I’m so sick of eating salad!”   Oh, my…this is a problem. If only I could bottle up and give the satisfaction I derive from a fresh, crisp and colorful salad! Centering one meal a day around a leafy green salad might singularly be the most important diet modification you can make – both for weight management, and your health. So, if you are having a “love/hate” relationship with your salad bowl, read on!

If “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, imagine what a salad could do! Here are a few reasons to make salad your routine:

  1. Fiber, fiber and more fiber – It’s funny to think that something we don’t actually digest can be so beneficial. The fiber in plant foods can help lower cholesterol, improve digestion, normalize bowel movements, and help with satiety (feeling full).
  2. Health Benefits – there is no debate about the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables (especially the dark green and orange ones) but it can be a challenge to work them into your routine. How easy is it to mix these into a salad? Eating a Colorful salad, packed with phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, is the easiest way to get the variety of nutrients we need. Grocery stores, restaurants and even fast food chains now offer salad options.
  3. Healthy fats – Eating healthy fats have been shown to improve the body’s absorption of health protective phytochemicals in the food we eat. Adding a good quality olive oil, avocado, and nuts or seeds to a salad will also add flavor, texture, crunch and increase food satisfaction and satiety.
  4. Weight control – Studies show that eating a salad before a meal (high in volume, but low in calorie) reduced overall calorie consumption for that meal.

If you’re still not convinced, please join me on May 20th for our Salad-a-ganza! as we celebrate National Salad Month. Sign up for the event here.

We will explore leaf varieties in order to vary the flavors and textures, and discuss how to prep the greens for quick salad assembly and maximum freshness. Also, learn how to make simple, quick and delicious vinaigrettes and dressings so you can liberate yourself from the sugar-laden, chemical bought varieties that have ruined many a health salad! Price of admission is to bring a friend!

I’m on a mission to get you to LOVE your salad!

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