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I understand the struggles many of you face when trying to lose weight. I am not a naturally thin person. I studied nutrition for that very reason – to figure out once and for all how I should eat to maintain a healthy weight. I was doing everything right – eating nutritious balanced meals and exercising religiously – but I still struggled with my weight. I consulted physicians (you must be eating too much or not exercising enough, bah), nutritionists (you have food sensitivities, by the way the test is $500), and even friends and colleagues (maybe you’re not eating enough?).

My internal preoccupation with weight, and my disgust with my increasing body mass was nearing a tipping point. That’s when it hit me – maybe how we think about dieting is wrong. If calorie restriction and exercise are valid methods of losing weight, why can so few of us do it? Seriously, we Americans can’t all be undisciplined and lazy.

So I began to think less about the weight loss paradigm and more about how the body works. With my knowledge of nutrition and my understanding of physiology through my chiropractic training and practice, I realized the importance of integrating the two. There in started my odyssey toward becoming an Ideal Protein coach.

The Ideal Protein Weight protocol is backed by sound science, and just makes sense. I have spent the past decade educating the lay public on basic tenets of physiology and how the body maintains a healthy weight.

I realized that access to a structured and proven diet plan grounded in science was still not enough. We needed to provide education, mental training, support, and community to eradicate the culture of obesity in this country.

Whether you are a dieter, coach or physician, use this website as resource to learn about IP protocol and how it truly offers a viable solution to weight loss and healthy weight maintenance.

I believe you deserve to live a full and healthy life in a body you love. My team of passionate coaches and I want to make that happen for you. Together we can do this!

Dr. Dolores Zumbado, Regional Vice President, Ideal Protein of America

Are you a physician interested in offering the Ideal Protein protocol to your patients?