Need a Tune-Up? Don’t Panic!

There are many exciting things happening with Ideal Protein in 2020, and we can’t wait to share the news with you!  Protocol updates have been designed to smooth out the transition from weight loss into your new lifestyle and help you integrate long-term healthier habits. You’ll notice a new look in your App and in the Ideal Smart Platform, and the names of the phases have changed and will now appear as follows:

Phase 1 - Weight Loss. The Meal Journal View will now track Protein, Fat and Carb consumption vs goals.

Phase 2- Stabilization. The Meal Journal View will now track Servings.

Phase 3- Maintenance

We are ready to get you back on track.  Call today to get started 301.977.9434.

Week 1 Image
Week 2 Image
Week 3 Image
Week 4 Image
Week 5 Image
Week 6 Image