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Maintainers, need a re-start?

Maintainers, we want you to know you are welcomed back anytime—No Shame. No Judgement. Make a plan now for your re-start after the holidays. Need more incentive? Receive 10% off when you pre-order your food (by Dec. 31, 2018) for our Jan. 12, 2019 Tune-Up day!

Enjoy the season with family and friends, knowing you have a plan to re-start your health and wellness journey! Together we can do this!

It takes 3 easy steps to get back on track:

1. Pre-order your food at my.idealsmart.com by December 31st & SAVE 10% OFF ENTIRE FOOD ORDER (valid only for Dr. Z's Lifestyle Community restart clients who register and attend January 12th - 30 minute Tune-Up Focus Session).

2. Register & attend a free Tune-Up Focus Session on January 12th (all food/pre-orders available for pick up).

3. Mark your calendar! January 14th is our official Tune-Up day!