Success Stories

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method

I have been following the ideal protein protocol for about five years. It has taught me that it is a livable way of eating. The staff is knowledgeable their variety of food is great and satisfying. I am in my 60s and so happy I found a way to be healthy and enjoy life. Thank you Dr Z. Irene
Ideal Protein has made such a difference in my life. I have been on so many different diets and failed on each one. I lost 95 lbs. and have maintained my weight loss because IP teaches how to eat healthy. The science behind this ketogenic protocol works! It’s not about counting calories but more about certain carbs and sugars that make you gain weight. You can eat a healthy diet but if you are not eating the right carbs along with proteins and fats at the right time, you will not lose weight. For years I ate “fat free” or 2% fat foods and gained weight not realizing that those foods were much higher in carbs and were “addicting”. With the coaching staff at IP teaching me HOW to eat, I am no longer addicted to foods.Cathy
Three years ago, I made a life-altering decision. I had been thin all of my life, and yet at 49 years old I found myself 25 pounds overweight! I learned of the Ideal Protein program, offered through Dr. Zumbado, through a colleague and decided to give it a shot. After attending the introductory workshop, I found myself truly inspired by what I’d learned and its straight forward, scientific approach to eating. I was fired up and ready to begin the journey. I followed the protocol with 100% commitment, refusing to cheat or interrupt my momentum. The regular videos and tremendous coaching team kept me focused, encouraged, and steadfast. I thought it would be difficult to give up things I most enjoyed to eat and drink. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The rewards and advantages of eating more healthily and in moderation far exceeded the short-term joy of eating recklessly. Three months later, I was down 32 pounds, feeling and looking as good as when I was in my 20’s! It was truly amazing! I transformed my body and my mindset about food and nutrition as well. Today, I still look and feel fantastic. I check in with the coaches regularly and monitor my weight and other key health indicators to stay on track. Ideal Protein is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle. Stay the course and you too will be rewarded. Thank you Dr. Zumbado and my Ideal Protein family. I am forever grateful and a champion of this incredible program!!Kimberley
Ideal Protein has made a huge difference in my life. Not only does it teach you how to lose the weight but how to keep it off. Also, if you do get off track, it teaches how to get back on track especially around the holidays when physical activity declines and food temptations increase. The nice thing about the diet is the food tastes really good and is easy to prepare.
I lost 60 lbs. and have maintained it. Healthy eating and meal planning are second nature now and support from the staff, after the goal is achieved, to maintain good health is great! I have more energy, stamina and just feel better overall now that I’m not carrying around an extra 60 lbs.
After years of trying to lose weight and not being able to sustain much of a loss, I learned about IP from a colleague who lost 40 lbs. At the time, I thought I needed to lose about 15 lbs, However, now 25 lbs lighter, I feel great, look better (and younger) and am proud of my accomplishment. I went from a PL to a PS and from a P14 pant to a P8 pant. While I was healthy before, I’m even healthier now….my blood sugar is 20 points lower and my blood pressure is 15 points lower. I started the program in July 2014 and have maintained the weight within a 5 lbs difference (I actually lost 30 lbs initially and settled out at a 25 lb lost.) I almost can’t believe that I have found success and a way to maintain my success that isn’t complicated or discouraging. While it takes motivation to keep the weight off , the maintenance program that IP offers is a tremendous help. After years of dieting angst, this is like a miracle!Heddy
About 9 months ago, my husband and I had a conversation about how we both really needed to lose weight. We found ourselves older with letting the weight just creep up on us. We knew a couple at our church that did the Ideal Protein protocol, we even saw them eat dinner – a large amount of chicken, salad, and vegetables. How could they be eating so much food and still lose weight and they were keeping off the weight! So my husband and I attended the first class at Ideal Protein, hesitant at first but knew something had to be done.

I needed to lose at least 60‐70lbs. I knew I had a long journey ahead – no sweets, pasta, cheese, and wine. How was I going to do it? With a lot of support from my husband and kids as well as a friend that joined my husband and I in our journey a month into the diet. There have been a lot of phone calls and texts asking how the eating that week went, sharing food ideas (there is only so much broccoli and cauliflower one person can eat), and talking about our weekly weigh in. The coaches have been an important part of the journey, especially when I needed a pick me up if I did not have such a great week which is defined in my mind as losing only a half of a pound that week. Even during the okay weeks, I was still losing weight. I have also been able to attend picnics, parties, and get togethers where my friends have respected what I needed to eat and admired self-discipline.

I am now in my 7th month of the Ideal Protein protocol and I have lost 58lbs. I have dropped 3 sizes in clothes and I have more energy and feel better about myself. In the last three weeks I have even had three people call me skinny. I hesitate before turning around to answer them, I have never been called skinny.
The interesting thing is that I know Phase 1 is hard work but it is probably the easiest part of the protocol because you are given almost 100% of your food. I know the hardest part is in front of me because it is really up to me to make the good choices about food going forward. I do realize that I have really been training all along in Phase 1 to make the good choices about food so I will just need to remember those choices and the ultimate goal of being healthy. I am very blessed by being surrounded by my wonderful family, friends, and Ideal Protein gang in this new journey in my life.

Ideal Protein changed the course of my life. At almost 50, I was not happy in my “middle aged” body and I knew I should have more energy than I did. I decided I wasn’t going to accept that this was how it was supposed to be. But traditional diets never worked for me. I’d lose a little, just to gain it right back. I’d get exhausted or moody consuming too few calories. I’d get discouraged thinking I would never be able to eat like a “normal” person again. I was confused as to why I couldn’t lose weight, I exercised all the time and had a “clean” diet.

I decided to try Ideal Protein, and lost 30 pounds between Labor Day and Thanksgiving! I felt like me again. I no longer needed late afternoon naps, I could tuck shirts in, and I wouldn’t have to cover up at the beach. Best of all, I felt proud of myself for accomplishing something important to me.

What helped me most on the protocol, was understanding the science behind it. It made sense. Once the fat burning kicked in (after 2 days for me), I wasn’t hungry, had no cravings, and enjoyed the Ideal Protein foods. Dinners on the protocol were similar to what I had always done, so I didn’t have to alter how I fed my family.

I was so impressed by the protocol that I became an Ideal Protein coach myself, giving me a new mission. What could be better than helping others feel great about themselves? Living the next 50 years in a fit and healthy body is a close second.

Think Thin

I am truly grateful to be a part of this incredibly empowering program! I know it’s making all the difference for me! I can’t believe I’m wearing the same size clothes for a year!!! That is the first time in my entire life that has happened and I am grateful! Again, thank you!Robin
This 3-Saturday program is excellent! Thanks for putting it together. The ideas that I have been exposed to are epiphanies to me. I hope to apply them to change myself.Mike
Although I have been able to lose weight many times in my life, I was NEVER able to maintain myself at a healthy weight. Within a year I would gain back 20 lbs. My wardrobe contained a range of sizes 10 to 14. I was in a constant state of tension about what to eat, whether to eat, and every eatery I passed tempted me sorely. I could not even make the Ideal Protein Diet, which is the safest and most do-able of all diets, work for me anymore because I could not stop myself from cheating. I told myself: “I love food too much, I want the freedom to eat what I want, and I can’t stand these restrictions anymore!”

I was in that hopeless state of mind when Dr. Zumbado offered the first “Think thin” workshop. I signed up immediately because I knew I had become “nuts” about dieting and eating – my assertions about freedom to eat whatever I wanted were irrational and I knew it. I was actually chained like a dog to my eating impulses, and that is not freedom.

With that back story, I can tell you that this workshop was the absolute KEY to lifelong healthy weight maintenance for me. I always thought that the DIET was the answer. That’s like thinking a car runs because of its lovely shape and color when in fact a car runs because of its engine. The engine in dieting and weight maintenance is the MIND. Our mind is the engine that takes us where we need to go. This workshop helped me train my mind to be my best friend.

In 4 weeks of effort, I have overcome a lifetime of bad habits that have kept me overweight. It sounds so obvious now: eating behavior is what caused me to be overweight, not the food I was eating. Yes, I love food and now I savor and appreciate it so much more than before. I feel serene and in control around food now and I can pass an eatery without the slightest temptation. I NO LONGER RESPOND TO FOOD CUES LIKE A DOG, I RESPOND LIKE A LADY IN CONTROL OF HERSELF.
I believe the skills I have learned will help me with other aspects of life where self-control is key, such as interpersonal interactions when holding my tongue and listening is the best behavior, or in project management when things are not going well or I am procrastinating. Thank you Dr. Zumbado and IP coaches for having sought out and then sharing The Answer to the maintenance dilemma.
Barbara Hayden, RN

I got into a smaller size dress today & that felt great! I am so happy & grateful for all that I’ve learned from this program, it has changed my life. Thank you so much!Lori
Today’s session was great!! So many positives and as usual, lots to think about.Carmen