What’s Cooking?

At Dr. Zumbado’s we know that a healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy diet.
You are – quite literally – what you eat. Your bones, muscles, blood, hair, skin, even your moods and memory are dependent upon the macro and micro nutrients you feed yourself. If you want to look and perform at your best, feed yourself the healthy whole foods your body needs.
But what’s healthy? One day fat is bad; now coconut oil is in. A few years ago celebrities with milk mustaches graced the pages of popular magazines; today, not so much. Beef, was “what’s for dinner”; but now we are told to eat a plant based diet. How can anyone know what to eat, never mind how to prepare it?

So what’s Cooking for you?

Look around our website for ideas and inspiration to meet your unique tastes and needs.

Cooking 101

Prep Protein like a Pro
Eating the Ideal way does not mean a dry chicken breast is your only option. Try some of these cooking techniques to change your go-to lean proteins (poultry, meat, seafood, and tofu) from boring and bland to nutritious and delicious!

  • Oven Roasting
    • One of the simplest cooking methods
    • Uses high, dry radiant oven heat (400 degrees) to evenly brown the surface of the protein
    • Works best with whole cuts of meat: Whole chickens and turkeys, beef and pork tenderloins
    • To enhance the flavor of the protein choice use dry herbs and spice rubs
  • Grilling/Oven Broiling
    • Uses direct heat to cook meat quickly
    • Works best with thin cuts of meat: Chicken breast, fish filets, steaks, and chops
    • To enhance the flavor of the protein choice use an olive oil based marinade in advance. The oil will also help to create telltale grill marks from caramelization.
    • To enhance the flavor of the protein choice use dry herbs and spice rubs
  • Sautéing
    • Uses an open pan and a small amount of healthy fat (olive oil or grapeseed oil) to quickly cook meat
    • Works best with thinly sliced pieces of meat, seafood (shrimp & scallops), or even tofu
    • To enhance the flavor of the protein choice, use a flavored olive oil and fresh herbs.

Versatile Vegetables
Think a cold lettuce salad or steamed vegetables are your only way to consume vegetables? Think again!

  • Roasting
    • Simple method to enhance a vegetable’s naturally sweet flavor through caramelization
    • Uses high dry oven heat (400 degrees)
    • Works best with hardy root vegetables but most vegetables can be roasted
    • To enhance flavors use dry spices and herbs
  • Stir frying
    • Uses high heat, an open wok or pan and a small amount of healthy fat (olive oil or grapeseed oil) to quickly cook vegetables so they keep their crisp texture
    • Works best with small, even-sized vegetables pieces
    • To enhance flavors add aromatics such as onion, garlic, ginger or chili peppers first until they soften. If adding a sauce add at the very end of cooking.
  • Blending
    • Simple and fast way to “eat” your vegetables
    • Blending whole vegetables leaves the fiber and pulp intact, resulting in a thick and fulfilling drink
    • Works best with leafy green vegetables: Kale, Spinach, Chard, Cilantro, Parsley
    • To enhance flavor of blended vegetables mix with an Ideal Protein drink mix

Eating with Ideal Protein

The following recipes were created with Phase 1 Ideal Protein dieters in mind, though they are tasty for anyone who wants to give them a go.

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