Why Should You Lose Weight? What’s Your Motive for Action?

So you want to lose weight. The first question you need to ask is: Why?

What’s driving you to make the commitment to lose weight? Why should you lose weight? What’s your Motive for Action? Once you know your motive, you will be able to follow through with the necessary actions.

Some motives are easy. I want to have my hip replaced and my doctor won’t operate unless I lose 20 pounds. Is the hip replacement important to you? If so, you have motivation and can move onto the next step. If the hip replacement isn’t that important to you, not so much.

Here’s another easy one. I want to have more energy. Do you really? Maybe you’re happy napping in the afternoons or sitting on the sidelines while others pursue more active lifestyles. Go deeper. Why do you want to have more energy? I want to have more energy so I can play ball with my kids or go on bike rides with my spouse. I want to have more energy so I can improve my job performance. Be specific. Now you have motive for action.

Here’s a tricky one. I want to look good at my son’s wedding. Why? So I look good in the pictures. Why is that important? Because my friends and family will look at those pictures for years to come and I don’t want to be known as the fat mother or mother-in-law. Why not? Because that’s not how I see myself. Now we are getting somewhere. Do you really want to see yourself as a fit and trim person? Enough to work really hard to get there? If yes, you now have motivation.

How about this one. My spouse thinks I’m too heavy. Do you or your doctor agree? No? Well then you don’t need motivation, and you should tell your spouse you’re just fine thanks. Maybe, on the other hand, you or your doctor agree. Do you care? Until it matters to you, you will not have motivation.  Do you want to have the healthy and trim body your spouse also wants you to have? If so, you now have motive for action.

We each have our own reasons for wanting to lose weight. They can be medical, lifestyle, emotional, or even aesthetic reasons. The key is finding your unique motive for action. Deep down, why do you want to lose weight? Why should you lose weight? If you don’t narrow in on that, you will never follow through. But if you know your motive for action, you are on your way.

So what’s your motive for action? Why should you lose weight?

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